Recording studio

under construction.

Our clients
We have recorded many artists over the years, among which: Wally Preyll / Johnny Valentino, Gerben Boots, Wesley Broens, Rita Young, Frans Kas, Mellow Mood, Daisy Cools, Wally Mckey, Harald Veenstra, Peter Dons, Edwin van der Toolen, Frits Williams, Andre Pronk, Jeroen Heynemans, Claudia, Tessa Sunniva, Silvester, Martin Eden, Caroline, Ad van Opstal, Jeffrey and many others.....

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Our studio equipment
Eye4 DAW 8-core + MOTU 828mkII, UAD studio FX. Pre-amps : Avalon vt737sp, Focusrite Octopre. Microphones : Neumann TLM103, 2x KM184, AKG 2x C414, D112, Rode NT1A, 2x NT5, Audix drum-micset: D1, D2, D4, D6, ADX-51, Shure SM58, Beta57, Sennheiser E604. Monitoring : Genelec 1031AM Actieve monitors. Synths & samplers : Roland D-50, Roland JV-1080, AKAI S5000, many softsynths and plug-ins.